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Surviving the long wait

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So you’ve submitted your UCAS application. Perhaps you’ve even attended some interviews or you’re still waiting for that all important invitation. Either way I can assure you that this wait will probably be the longest wait that you will experience in your entire life (or at least your life so far!) So here are my top three ways to pass the time while waiting for UCAS to reply to your application.

Research your options!

Take another look at the modules and course descriptions on university websites and think about which of the universities you may want to choose as your firm and insurance choices. If you are thinking about deferring and taking a gap year, it is also prime time to do some research into any gap year placements or jobs you may be interested in. Take a look to see if your chosen course has a course specific open day for offer holders such as at Newcastle, it may be a good idea to attend these so you get a better, more specific view of the course.



Prepare for any interviews you may have

If your course requires you to attend an interview prior to getting an offer, make sure you are fully prepared for it. People interviewing you will most likely base the interview on things you have written in your personal statement, so have another read over it and make sure you are familiar with what you have said. If you have mentioned reading any books or magazines make sure you can discuss their content in relation to the course you are applying to. Remember at the interview you are trying to sell yourself so make sure you have an idea about what you might want to say!


Enjoy your Final Year

For many of you, you will be in your final year and you know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun. There is nothing worse than just sitting around waiting for something. So enjoy your final semester with your best mates, spend some time with your family, pick up a new hobby, maybe do some volunteering work? Instead of worrying, your time will be better spent making sure you are on top of your studies before the big exams too!


Good luck everyone!

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