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Surviving Winter on a Student Budget

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Winter, the bane of every student’s life. It’s time to embrace the cold, dark, dreary days, throw on multiple layers, and consume endless amounts of Starbucks festive lattes. Yep, winter really has turned up to the party uninvited and we’re not happy about it. Surviving winter on a student budget can be pretty tough, with limited funds you can’t simply buy a whole new winter wardrobe!? So… how do you survive winter on a student budget? Take a look at this list I’ve put together, so you can spend more time being toasty and less time complaining.

Wrap up

Winter clothing is all about being practical. It is definitely too cold to be wearing shorts, strappy tops, or anything that generally shows skin. Invest in the cosiest, fluffiest, thickest layers you can find and be prepared to be rid of any concept of ‘fashion’ during these harsh months. Still feeling the chill? I would recommend either a dressing gown, or a onesie, either will become your new best friend.

uni snow

Get a Hottie

Obviously I mean a hot water bottle?… No seriously, they are really cheap and are probably the most effective way to stay warm. Put one at the foot of your bed, under your jumper, or even on your lap whilst you’re working, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a toasty student!

Put the Kettle on

Not that you would ever turn down a cuppa anyway, but be prepared for your tea/coffee consumption to go through the roof this winter. Although hot drinks don’t technically warm you up, they are extremely comforting, so you’ll probably find yourself wondering where your nearest coffee shop is 99% of the time.

Jesmond, snow

Heat Smart

Put the heating on, but be careful to monitor it as energy bills can be pricey. There will inevitably be arguments between housemates, but trust me, it pays to have the heating on at least an hour or two a day.

Cook hearty meals

Anything from soup to hotpots, to roasts – all homely meals that will keep you warm all evening!

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