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Summer In Newcastle

There’s loads to do in Newcastle to fill up the long 3 month summer break. Whether you want to have fun, get some experience or earn some money, Newcastle’s got a lot to offer.

Careers Service Top Tips

At Newcastle the Careers Service is there to make your life easier, and the team here really do excellent work. However it isn’t always easy for students to make the time to book an appointment. In this quick article I’ll convey their top tips so you can set yourself up for making the most of the service
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Getting the Newcastle Work Experience

Starting out as a Masters student in a university abroad, isn’t without its pressure. Especially since I realised how most of my classmates had worked for a couple of years at least before, while all I had was internships. The importance of adding work experience  to my CV was something I could see, and something I
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The Careers Service

Don’t worry, I’m not going to try and pretend I have the expertise to advise you on your career! But, here at Newcastle Uni we’re lucky to have an award winning careers service with advisers trained to help you with anything careers related. Here’s a rundown of the support that you can take advantage of
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Why I chose Newcastle University…

I am a person with a lot of day dreams, but to make myself sound more ambitious lets call them plans, or goals… One of my many dreams, was to study outside my home country, India. Don’t get me wrong, India is great with a lot of good institutions, but when you are from a
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