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My Journey To NCL – Charlotte

Everyone’s journey to university is different, second year Media student Charlotte shares hers…

6 Reasons to Choose Castle Leazes

Facing a dilemma choosing your accommodation? Here’s what recent grad Emma thought about living in Castle Leazes.

Living in Castle Leazes

What’s it like to living in Castle Leazes? Sam shares what he loved most about living in Castle Leazes.

Living in Castle Leazes

I often get asked by prospective students at Visit Days what the best halls are. The answer is, it totally depends what you want. Some people want an ensuite, some people want to be catered, some people want to live close to campus, others further away. However, you always have to be prepared to not get
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The Infamous Ricky Road

“Choosing where to live in first year is important”… well obviously! How many times have you heard that? Parents, friends, universities, teachers; they all seem to think they have the answers as to where you should live. Realistically however, it’s your choice and yours alone. This is a quick guide to the social hub that
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