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Life As An Archaeology Student

Archaeology and History student Emma gives a run down of an average day studying Archaeology at Newcastle University

Student Room April Roundup

Here’s a roundup of the most frequently asked questions in April.

A Day in The Life of Combined Honours

When I first sat down to write this post, I was faced with two main challenges. The first of these challenges is that no day is ever really the same for me, so how do you summarise all of the exciting, spontaneous and equally sometimes mundane things which happen on a day to day basis for a university student?

Are A Levels the same as GCSEs?

Soon you’ll be thinking about which A levels you’re going to be taking, and you’ll no doubt have heard all sort of rumours about how they’re a huge step up from GCSEs which “are so easy” in comparison. But with the help of our bloggers, we’re going to dig out the truth… Third year Marine
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5 reasons why being a Combined Honours Stu...

I’m going to be honest, I kind of fell into being a part of the Combined Honours department. I left school torn between which subjects I wanted to study and thought studying two or more subjects sounded like a good balance for a poor decision maker like myself.  I now have spent a term here
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