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The top 5 books you have to read this year

Here are Lydia’s top five books that you NEED to be on your list for 2016.

Why English Literature is the best degree

Find out what Abi loves about her course and why she thinks English Literature is the best degree ever!

What Exactly is an English Language Degree...

There are a lot of questions English Language students have to answer all the time. For example, “Oh so you want to be a teacher then?” and “How can you do an English Language degree and not know what every word means?” So I thought it was time to answer the BIG question – what
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How to get the most out of your English De...

The prospect of paying nine grand a year can be a tad daunting… or terrifying. It really makes you ask yourself; for the money I’m paying, what am I actually getting from my degree? Here is how to get the most out of it:  Turn up to Lectures I know there is going to be
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