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An Asian Food Lover’s Guide to NCL

Forget your greasy local takeaway, here’s a list of some of the best Asian food spots in Newcastle…

Top 5 Places for Vegan Comfort Food

The top 5 locations for vegan comfort food in and around Newcastle, sure to keep the winter chill at bay…

The Don’ts of budgeting

Don’t over rely on takeaways! Takeaways sure seem like a very tempting option when you are a student with little to none experience in cooking. I mean, having delicious and piping hot food delivered at your door just makes student life so much easier! But there is absolutely no need to overspend on pricey takeaways
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Living on a budget

“Spend within your means!” – so much easier said than done. Especially with the added pressure of wanting to make the most out of our social lives at uni; constantly panicking about your dreadful bank balance becomes a common occurrence. But as uni students there are plenty of ways that we can make our pounds
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Eating on a Budget

When you talk to your family about arriving and experiencing university – one of the first topics that arise is the food situation. ‘What are you going to cook for yourself now your mum isn’t there?’ You may laugh it off now but soon soon it will become a reality and making sure there is variety
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Things international students should know

Voilà, you are on course to Newcastle University, and soon you will be able to explore the magnificent city of Newcastle, or as locals call it – The Toon. Deemed as Britain’s most favourite student city and a prominent party destination, Newcastle is not only the heart of the North East, but it is also a hidden gem
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5 Reasons to shop in Grainger Market

When I was coming to University for the first time, I wasn’t sure what there was in Newcastle and I didn’t really know where I could buy groceries without having to sell my kidney on the black market. Turns out that Grainger Market, located in the city centre, has some really cheap produce, delicious food and
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