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My Journey To NCL – Charlotte

Everyone’s journey to university is different, second year Media student Charlotte shares hers…

Ultimate Guide to Second Year

Your ultimate mini-guide as to how second year is different from being a Fresher…

Surviving Your First Semester Like A Pro

From Freshers’ friends to missing home, these top tips will help you survive your first semester…

We Are International Map

Take a look of a map of where our students come from across the UK and the world, as told by Snapchat Geo-filters and Instagram Stickers.

My first year at university

Looking back at my first year of university, the first thing that strikes me is how quickly time has flown by. I’m now on my summer break and I can’t believe that I’ve already made it through a whole academic year. This year has not only been one of the most difficult ones in my life but
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The Student Room May Roundup

Here’s a roundup of the most popular questions asked on our Student Room forum this month. Accommodation is proving to be a hot topic right now… Accommodation The School office is based on Claremont Tower but you might have lectures all over campus. The accommodation buildings closest to main campus are Kensington/Park Terrace, Marris House
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The Don’ts of budgeting

Don’t over rely on takeaways! Takeaways sure seem like a very tempting option when you are a student with little to none experience in cooking. I mean, having delicious and piping hot food delivered at your door just makes student life so much easier! But there is absolutely no need to overspend on pricey takeaways
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