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Student Room September Roundup

Here’s a roundup of our most frequently asked questions in our Student Room forums in September.

Are A Levels the same as GCSEs?

Soon you’ll be thinking about which A levels you’re going to be taking, and you’ll no doubt have heard all sort of rumours about how they’re a huge step up from GCSEs which “are so easy” in comparison. But with the help of our bloggers, we’re going to dig out the truth… Third year Marine
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Changing your A level choices

After putting all that thought into choosing your A levels, what happens if you’re just not that in to them once lessons have rolled around? Can you change your options or are they set in stone? Not to worry, changing around your subjects isn’t uncommon. As you picked your options many months before, it’s fair
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Picking your A-Levels

For some, choosing your A levels may be a no-brainer, something you’ve had planned for quite some time. But what if it’s not? How do you go about choosing the subjects that may ultimately decide what course you may do at uni, and future career?! BREATHE. Our latest Top 5  is here to help you
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How To Bridge The Gap Between First and Se...

As with the gap between any level of education – GCSEs to A-Levels, A-Levels to university -the bridge from first year to second year of uni can be difficult to navigate. While it is definitely an attitude you shouldn’t have, a lot of people develop the attitude of “oh it’s okay we only need 40% to
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