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Masters Degree Year Almost Over

Masters student Amrita shares her thoughts and experiences as the countdown to her graduation begins.

Countdown to Graduation

Katie shares her final year experience as the countdown to graduation begins.

Five Tips For Embracing Change

I think most of us experience some emotional turmoil when it comes to moving on. So whether you’ve kissed your favourite teddy bear goodbye and are ready to brave the next step alone, or whether it’ll be the first thing you pack for halls, here are five tips for overcoming resistance to change and embracing this exciting new chapter of your life.

And Here Comes Life…

People say life is like a series of steps till you reach the ‘ultimate goal’ but I have always considered to be something similar like C.S Lewis described Narnia as – Concentric Circles we shed each circle like a layer as we move on to the next part of Life.

University Highlights

I’ve had a great three years at Newcastle Uni and am so sad to be leaving! Here are some of my favourite memories from my time in Newcastle.

Why Masters: 5 Reasons I applied for Postg...

Graduation is just around the corner, and it’s hit that time of year where all my friends are essentially having nervous breakdowns concerning their future. Should I go into full time employment? Should I go travelling for a year? Should I do a Masters? These questions are at the centre of everyday conversations. Luckily for
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