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Every Student’s New Years’ Res...

A new year has rolled around and it’s time to make some of those resolutions you just know you’ll never keep but kind of fancy giving a go anyway. Besides, thinking about how you’ll implement all these plans takes some time… time we otherwise would be wasting by revising… 1. Bye bye Dominoes! Every student
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Is uni really all play and no work?

Is university really all nights out and lie ins? Let’s find out as we get to the bottom of this myth! Contact hours (the time you spend with academic staff) vary per course, from only a couple of lectures a day to a full 9-5 schedule for degrees such as Medicine. So when you first
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Day in the life of: A Third Year Geographe...

Hello lovely readers!  Now I’m in the final year of my degree, I can safely look back and say that university life has been incredible. I know lots of prospective students may be a little apprehensive about what student life will entail; so let me reassure you, it’s going to be great. From one student
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In My Shoes – A Day As A Physiologic...

7.00am – My first alarm goes off – this is usually snoozed, because I don’t believe in getting up straight away. 7.15am – It’s been an intense fifteen minutes of thinking ‘NO. NOT YET.’ But I have to get up now for a shower (so I can beat the housemate who’s on my course to
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How to balance work and play like a PRO

Want to do well at uni but still get out there and not live in your room like a hobbit? Then follow my three tried and tested, fail safe ways to balance your workload and social life. Literally like a PRO. P is for PRIORITISE The workload at uni can seem daunting so this is perhaps the
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8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Uni

The whole process of applying to and going to university can be pretty daunting but it’s worth every minute! Here’s just a few things I wish I’d been told before I came to university which I know would have helped me 1. The worst accommodation may just give you the best first year   I
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The Life of a Newcastle Medic

Hello! Since this is my first blog post, I’ll quickly introduce myself… I’m Joanne, a second year medical student at Newcastle Uni. I’ve lived in Newcastle since I was 3 (just couldn’t bring myself to leave!), and I like socialising with my friends, making music and eating sweet things. Welcome to this little peephole into my
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