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Myth Buster: Studying at Newcastle Uni

Welcome, welcome. Today I will present you with the Myth Buster : Newcastle University edition.  Have you ever wondered what studying at Newcastle University feels like? Did you spend your nights listening to your mate who goes to uni in Newcastle, rambling on about their heavy workload, library adventures and the city’s noteworthy lifestyle? Look
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Things you definitely don’t need to ...

Save yourself some stress – and space – by using this handy list of things you won’t need to pack for uni.

Geordie Highlights

Newcastle is in my humble (and not at all biased!) opinion a great city to say the least. It doesn’t just have loads of great tourist attractions, it’s also a goldmine of weird and wonderful places. Here are some interesting ideas of what to do in and around Newcastle.

3 Common Concerns About Uni Life

If you’re feeling daunted at the very idea of life at university, rest assured you most certainly are not alone. Here are three of the most common concerns about starting uni – DEBUNKED!

Are School Days The Best Of Your Life?

You’ve probably heard it a million times: School days are the best days of your life. The summers are long and you don’t have to worry about paying the rent. But if you think you’ve got it good now, wait until you go to uni… As soon as Freshers’ Week starts you’ll be meeting people
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Are all Entry Requirements the same?

You may think that at a Russell Group university such as Newcastle, entry requirements would be the same across the board. But is that the case? And if not, what sort of range is there between courses? COURSE DEPENDENT The truth of the matter is, entry requirements come in a number of forms, and it’s
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Is Last Minute Revision a Good Idea?

Think you’ve got bags of time before exam season is well underway? It’s no secret that the weeks fly by and soon you could be wishing you’d cracked on earlier. Although cramming works for some, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you. Piling on the pressure could leave you feeling pretty stressed and fuel
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