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Teetotal in the Toon

After-hours activities at Uni undoubtedly play an important role, but everyone has a different idea of a perfect night out…

Top 10 things to do in October

Here’s the low down on the top 10 things happening in the city this October!

Why I picked Newcastle University

Choosing your university is one of the biggest decisions you make in your adult life. I chose Newcastle as my firm choice and it is safe to say I made the correct decision. Here’s why,

Vote For The Best Freshers’ Night Ev...

Cast your vote for which freshers’ week event you’re most excited for.

“I Don’t Drink” – ...

Newcastle is famous for its diverse nightlife, so when your idea of a perfect night is putting a film on with good food and good company, the city can seem more than a little bit daunting. I fall squarely into this category; I had never stepped inside a club when I got confirmation that I
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Top Ways To Save Your Money

Worried about your finances at uni? Well, I thought I’d write a blog post today to try and help current and potential students save money at uni. Saving money as a student doesn’t mean you have to live the life of a hermit in a cold room while your flatmates go out partying. But, there
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Where’s the best place on campus?

Is it historic quad? The refurbished Students’ Union? Or maybe it’s a quiet spot in the Robinson Library? We asked some of our current students where their favourite spot was on campus, this was their reply.

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