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8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Uni

The whole process of applying to and going to university can be pretty daunting but it’s worth every minute! Here’s just a few things I wish I’d been told before I came to university which I know would have helped me 1. The worst accommodation may just give you the best first year   I
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What do our students love about Newcastle?

Is it the friendly people? The world renowned night life? Or maybe the surrounding beaches and countryside? We asked some of our current students what they loved most about the city of Newcastle and this was their reply.

Why Newcastle is the university for you

You are in the process of applying to university and, like the X Factor judges, need to reduce your choices to the top 5. Here are my reasons as to why Newcastle University should make the cut. The Beautiful Campus The university is beautiful. I know you don’t go to university for the views but
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Top 5 alternative nights out in Newcastle

Newcastle gets a lot of press about its amazing nightlife, but something that’s often overlooked is the plethora of other activities that the city holds. If you’re looking at coming to Newcastle, but don’t always fancy clubbing, there will almost certainly be something for you. Here are the top 5 alternative events in Newcastle. The
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