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It’s OK to change direction…

Applying for university doesn’t mean you have to have your entire life-plan set in stone, Find out how Millie only decided after graduating what career path she wanted to pursue.

10 Truths When You’re Writing A Diss...

1. Cleaning is suddenly a fun activity. There has never been a better time to clean those windows you’ve never cleaned before in your life. And you’ll be much more productive afterwards, right?   2. Lunch is a 4 hour task. You have to prepare your lunch, eat it, relax a bit afterwards, have a
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History Vs Media & Public Relations

I studied History at undergrad and after an initial plan to take a year out working and return to do a European History Masters, I did a bit of a U-turn and went for Media and Public Relations instead.
So with me you get two subject area low-downs for the price of one…

A Day in the Life of a Media Student

Student lifestyles are pretty similar – we can relate to each other’s problems and each other’s time tables. Here is a peek into a day in my life as a postgraduate media student at Newcastle…

A Day in the Life of an MLitt Student

I’m currently doing an MLitt in French linguistics, which is a research degree, so I don’t have a strict timetable. I have to organise myself, which means that there is no ‘typical’ day in my life, but I’ll try to give you a glimpse of some of the things I get up to!

Why Masters: 5 Reasons I applied for Postg...

Graduation is just around the corner, and it’s hit that time of year where all my friends are essentially having nervous breakdowns concerning their future. Should I go into full time employment? Should I go travelling for a year? Should I do a Masters? These questions are at the centre of everyday conversations. Luckily for
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