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Battle of the Libraries: Robbo vs. Marj

Sales of coffee in Jesmond Tesco are through the roof. Mid-week club nights are practically deserted. A sense of panic is in the air. It can only mean one thing: exam season approaches. Whether you have essays or exams, you’re heading to the library to give productivity your best shot. But where will you set
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Pros and Cons of Getting a Summer Job

Wondering what to do with yourself now summer’s here? If there are no holidays or festivals lined up to fill your time, maybe a summer job is the route for you? Here are some pros and cons to help you decide… PROS However big or important, a job of any form will give you tonnes
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Pros and Cons of Attending an Open Day

Picking which uni you want to go to can be a tough job. There are loads of things to help you like prospectuses and websites, as well as the chance to get on campus with an open day. Pretty much every university gives you this chance. The question is though, is it worth the trip?
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Architecture Modules

Table after table will show you that an architecture student’s life is a busy one. I spend an average of 60 hours in University per week, with only around 8 of those being official contact hours. This vital private study time means that the course has no optional modules, as we have to fit all our lectures in very specific parts of the week. But what does that mean, and how does it affect the course?

Pros and Cons of Using All Your Exam Time

You might have been here before… your head’s down and you’re scrambling for time, but suddenly out of the corner of your eye someone stands up, hands in their papers and leaves the exam hall. How do they do it?! Are they a genius or just plain stupid? To help work out if an early
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Exam-Based Modules vs. Coursework

Once you’ve made it to uni, it’s refreshing to find how the majority of courses allow you to shape your own degree through module choices. Depending on which course you’re doing, you may only have a couple of optional modules, or it could be entirely based on your choices. But how do you go about
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Last Minute Revision

Whether it was planned or not, we all find ourselves doing last-minute revision at some point in our education career. But is it a viable revision tactic? We break it down in to pros and cons to work out what you can expect from all that cramming. PROS Sometimes the pressure of limited time can
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