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Things to Look Forward to at Uni

After three months of summer holidays the reasons as to why you should look forward to a new uni year may be unclear. Don’t worry, for I have come up with a few reasons why you should be excited about your return! First off, reuniting with friends and making new ones! You haven’t seen some
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Overview Of The Past Year

My final uni year has come around in a blink of an eye and this month I graduate. This seems crazy to me, and feels like only yesterday I was sitting in the back of my parents car with boxes stacked on top of me, driving 6 hours North ready to start my new adventure. Whilst
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Top 10 Things to do in June

1. Newcastle Bach Choir Summer Concert Why not head up to Hexham for a day out and watch the Newcastle Batch Choir perform their summer concert in the famous Hexham Abbey? This event will take place on Saturday 10th June at 7pm and tickets are half price for students! 2. Harry Potter Studios Tour &
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University Experiences: The Ski Trip

Among the wealth of experiences University offers you lies one particular opportunity that I had heard plenty of good things about – the ski trips run by Newcastle University Ski and Snowboarding Club (NUSSC). Now, I know what some of you might be thinking, “I can’t ski, so I can’t go on this trip.”  Wrong. I
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Fieldtrip Fun in Geography

Sometimes it can be really difficult to argue that studying a geography degree is more than just colouring in, but not when all your friends go home for the Easter break and the second year geographers travel to destinations all around the world! These include Hong Kong, Borneo, Barcelona, Cyprus, Copenhagen, Berlin, and the USA
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Getting involved outside uni

Being a student at Newcastle is about more than just selling your soul to The Robbo

Students’ Union: My Top 5

Every University open day and prospectus boasts of a Student Union to rule them all… But what actually is a SU, and why does everyone care so much? Newcastle’s Students’ Union  (NUSU) is an unmistakable red brick building (which perfectly adhere’s to the Russell Group stereotype) at the heart of Newcastle’s campus. It’s the one building
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