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Kick Start Your New Year: Join a Society

Find it difficult to motivate yourself? Why not join a society? Newcastle has lots to offer…

Things to Look Forward to at Uni

After three months of summer holidays the reasons as to why you should look forward to a new uni year may be unclear. Don’t worry, for I have come up with a few reasons why you should be excited about your return! First off, reuniting with friends and making new ones! You haven’t seen some
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The Student Room June Roundup

Here’s the monthly roundup of some of the most popular questions we get asked in The Student Room. As Results Day creeps ever closer we are receiving a variety of different questions. Accommodation for Erasmus Students If you’re here for the full academic year and meet the other criteria for New Student Guarantee, we recommend
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In my previous posts, I told you how getting involved in a student newspaper or television station can help you land a job in the creative industry. Now it’s time to talk about student radio and how it can help kickstart your radio career. The radio industry is now as demanding as ever. That means,
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University Experiences: The Ski Trip

Among the wealth of experiences University offers you lies one particular opportunity that I had heard plenty of good things about – the ski trips run by Newcastle University Ski and Snowboarding Club (NUSSC). Now, I know what some of you might be thinking, “I can’t ski, so I can’t go on this trip.”  Wrong. I
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Getting involved outside uni

Being a student at Newcastle is about more than just selling your soul to The Robbo

How to get into student media: part II

If you missed part I of this post, which was about student journalism, you can find it here. Breaking into any creative industry is no easy feat, but to land a job in TV you need lots of enthusiasm, creativity and — somewhat unsurprisingly — work experience. It takes hard graft to get into TV,
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