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Top 5 things to Pick Up at a UCAS Fair

You’re there to learn as much as possible about all of the potential universities you’re interested in studying at, but there’s much more to a UCAS Fair than wondering about for the day. There’s a tonne of things  to pick up whilst you’re there and our latest Top 5 explores just that… PUT PEN TO
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Are UCAS Fairs Boring?

Not really sure what a UCAS Fair is going to be like? Just because your school’s arranged the day doesn’t mean it’s going to be dull. Take a look at just a few things that will keep you entertained throughout the fair… FREEBIES They’re everywhere! From pens and badges to bookmarks, grab as many as
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Top 5 ways to plan for a UCAS fair

Attending a Higher Education Fair this year? You might have seen from our previous posts that there’s plenty to do on the day – but how can you prepare to ensure you make the most of a UCAS fair? That’s where we’re here to help! WHO DOES MY COURSE? Having a quick look at the
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Are UCAS Fairs the Only Way?

With all this hype around UCAS fairs, what happens if you can’t attend? Does it mean you’ve missed the only opportunity to get to know the unis you’re interested in? Don’t fear! There are many more ways to talk to unis and gauge a real insight into uni life: OPEN DAYS What better way to
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Top 5 Questions to Ask at a UCAS Fair

It’s UCAS fair season – a 50+ stop tour across the UK for all the things you need to know about higher education. If you’re thinking of heading to your closest UCAS fair, we’ve come up with the top five questions you should ask to help make your visit more than just a mad grab
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What’s the point of UCAS Fairs?

You might have already chosen which unis you’re going to apply to, or ruled out university completely. But does that mean there’s no point in going to a UCAS fair? Whether you’re dead-set or unsure, HE fairs can play a huge part in your decision. The point of UCAS fairs They’re a great way to
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Top 5 Thing to do at a HE Fair

Heading to a Higher Education Fair this month? Not really sure what you’re letting yourself in for? No need to worry, we’ve got it covered. HE Fairs can be a vital part of your uni-research, so it’s worth making the most of the day and treating it more than just a day off school with
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