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How to make the most of summer

Here are 5 ways to make the most of your summer.

How to make your time at uni productive

Blink and you miss it – we’re halfway through an academic year already. There’s so much to do to make our remaining time here at uni both productive and remarkable. Here are some ways you can make your days at uni fruitful.

Looking for part-time jobs

As university students, most of us come to acquire this tremendous ambition of working alongside our studies. Oone visit to Newcastle University’s extremely efficient and helpful Careers Service made me realise that it is easier to find part-time jobs in certain sectors.

Work First, Postgraduate Study Soon After

Find out what Amrita did after graduation and how it helps her decide what course to pursue.

What should I do with my life?

UCAS talks, apprenticeship schemes, work opportunities; sixth form is information overload! This information overload is made worse by the fact you feel like you are given a two year deadline to decide what to do with the next three years after your education ends, what career you want to be doing and essentially what you want to do with the rest of your life.

Getting the Newcastle Work Experience

Starting out as a Masters student in a university abroad, isn’t without its pressure. Especially since I realised how most of my classmates had worked for a couple of years at least before, while all I had was internships. The importance of adding work experience  to my CV was something I could see, and something I
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Working for the University

It’ll be no surprise to anybody reading this that living as a student is a poor life for most of us. Sure we have enough money to go out a few times a week and buy our food, but for the majority it is hardly a life of luxury. Many worry that getting a job
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