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The Student Room November Roundup

From PARTNERS to parking queries, we really do see it all on our Student Room board.

Below are some of the most common queries we’ve been sent in November.



Applying for PARTNERS will slow down the turnaround time of applications as they first have to be reviewed for eligibility by the PARTNERS team. They’ll then be sent to the relevant school to make the final decision.

It normally takes up to ten working days to hear back about a PARTNERS application once everything has been submitted fully (i.e. fully completed UCAS application). However, due to the high volume of applications at the moment, it may take up to 15 working days to hear back from the PARTNERS team.


The PARTNERS entry requirements for any particular course can be found in the ‘Entry Requirements’ section of the course overview of any of our degrees.

The assignment will be based on what is taught during the Summer School, some of it may be familiar from A-levels, some of it completely new, but it will all be covered in the academic sessions. So don’t worry! The assessment changes each year and students will get to find out what is on the syllabus (and potentially the assessment criteria) for the current year at the Final Summer School Briefings in May/June.


Most, but not all, of our University Accommodations sites have car parking spaces. If you’re thinking of bringing your car to university, here’s a list of accommodation sites that offer parking

  1. Bowsden Court
  2. Henderson Hall
  3. St Marys College
Available at extra cost:
  1. Castle Leazes
  2. Castle Court
  3. Easton Falts
  4. Jesmond Road
  5. Leazes Parade
  6. Leazes Terrace
  7. Marris House
  8. Richardson Road
  9. Windsor Terrace.

Find out more about university accommodation here or take a look at the Accommodation Overview to compare the services and facilities available at each accommodation site.


Our London campus just opened last month and yes it’s officially part of Newcastle University! The first programmes offered by Newcastle University London are a range of business-related undergraduate, Master’s and university preparation courses. Find out more about our London campus here.

Unconditional OffersUnconditional offers

In most cases, applicants must achieve the specific course entry requirements in order to receive an unconditional offer. A small number of our degree courses may make unconditional offers to carefully selected applicants who have not yet received their A level results but demonstrate excellent academic potential. Each course that does this has its own, very specific criteria.

And that’s it for this month. If you have a question about studying at Newcastle University, you can ask us by using the big pink button below, or by heading over to our official Student Room forum.

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