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Things you definitely don’t need to pack

Packing for university can be really stressful. It’s hard to imagine how big your room will be and how much space you’ll have for your beloved keepsakes. So today we give you some practical advice about what NOT to bring for uni.

1. Printer

It’s easiest use the printers on campus every time because

a) you get printing credit

b) even if you do bring your printer, you will run out of paper soon enough. Or the ink will cost you too much. Or you’ll be faced with a dreaded paper jam (beware, we’ve warned you).

2. Your book collection

Sure, you need one or two for a rainy day to read under the duvet, but you don’t need all 200 of them. Trust us when we said that as much as you intend to read the whole Harry Potter series again, you won’t have the time. Plus, this means you’re free to shop more books during uni!

3. Entire wardrobe

Think whether you’re really going to wear your clothes or end up storing for them the whole year and then bringing them back home again. Clothes that you don’t wear take up precious space and with all the discounts happening during Freshers Week, you’ll be tempted to buy yourself an entire new wardrobe anyway!

4. Toiletries

You might end up wishing that you’d packed that laundry bags your mum told you to bring, but there’s honestly no need to bring shampoo, soap and all that jazz from home. You can get everything from the city or our Students’ Union shop! So, please listen to us (and your mother).

5. DVDs

Save space with Netflix, AmazonPrime or other online streaming services. You’ll have access to a bigger range of movies and series, and you don’t even have to reach for your DVD pile!

6. Ironing board

No one really has the time to iron in uni, so here’s the trick. Get your clothes from the drying machine and hang or fold them while they are still warm. This will get rid of the creases and all! There you go – no more struggles with ironing.

7. Furniture

Rugs, beanbags, fancy chairs – you won’t need them all and most importantly you don’t have space for them. They’ll end up with three inches of dust on them. Remember, all of our accommodation is fully furnished anyway.

8. Kettle and toaster

Good news, your accommodation comes with a kettle and a toaster! If you’re not sure what else you’re expecting to come with your accommodation, check the list here.

And there you go: eight things that you definitely don’t need to pack for uni. Leave these items behind, save yourself from overpacking and thank us later!

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