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Things to Look Forward to at Uni

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After three months of summer holidays the reasons as to why you should look forward to a new uni year may be unclear. Don’t worry, for I have come up with a few reasons why you should be excited about your return!

First off, reuniting with friends and making new ones!

You haven’t seen some people since May, but not only that, every new uni year brings about opportunities to make new friends.

Rediscovering Newcastle!

Fruit & Veg Grainger

I don’t know about you, but I found myself missing this city throughout my vacation last year. I was really looking forward to walking along the Quayside again, checking out the fresh produce at Grainger Market, trying out new places to eat, and more.

Learning new things!

Sounds cheesy, I know, but after all you are in this city for an education…Every year there are going to be modules you enjoy a lot and some not so much, but I think they will all allow you to learn things you wouldn’t have otherwise. You may even discover a new interest through your studies.

New (and old) societies!

Sports and Socities Fair Freshers 2014
Uni is the only time in your life when you have the opportunity to take part in a variety of societies, from sports-oriented ones, to course-related ones, or even those relating to your extra-curricular interests, such as drinking tea/coffee/wine, reading, fashion, and so much more.

After the summer, societies are a welcome introduction back into uni life and they, of course, give you the chance to meet new people and do new things. You could even get to travel out of the country.

Each new uni year brings so many things you should look forward to, from meeting new people and reuniting with your friends, to partaking in societies, learning new things in your course, rediscovering the city, and much more. You’re only at uni for a limited amount of time so make the most of it!

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