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My view of living in student halls



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Leazes Terrace

So, coming to study in a foreign country wasn’t the only new experience for me. I had never lived on my own before! And yes, the independent girl inside me always wanted to be ‘on my own’. And I am liking it. But I am also living in student accommodation, in Newcastle. And  although I love being here, and I am comfortable, we all have those ‘um’ moments. (If you know what I mean…and if you don’t well, just continue reading)

Here are the few things I thought, or felt, or did and sometimes even said out loud in these first few months of ‘living on my own’!

I thought…

“What a beautiful looking building! Feels so ‘European!” which soon changed to “Oh my God! No elevator! I have to climb stairs!”

I felt…

Happy decorating my small room, and making it cosier! Which soon changed to frustration on how I keep making that same room so messy, with things piling up on my desks!

I did…

Grocery shopping (Okay I really love to shop for food…and because I get to splurge on chocolates and cakes…occasionally of course) Which soon changed to dragging across heavy bags of groceries from the market to your kitchen and finding place on the one allotted shelf to keep things, ’cause if you are like me…you will buy extra things!

I said out loud…

“I like learning how to cook!” Which soon changed to “Okay that looks burnt…”

I thought…

“I am so going to use this computer cluster to study and concentrate” Which soon changed to “Let me just stay on the couch in the TV lounge …”

I felt…

Capable of waking myself up every morning and getting ready properly for class, or any other important activity… Which soon changed to feeling the urge not to leave the bed, despite the alarm going off in the background! (I totally blame the duvet!)

I did

Clean my room, my clothes, my bathroom, my toilet (Which, according to one of my best friends is supposed to be therapeutic) and the communal kitchen… Which did not change to anything else, but maybe adding ‘post it’ notes on the walls to ‘request’ others to keep the kitchen clean is a new thing. I mean it is not that hard! What is hard is to share a kitchen with people who make it dirtyyy!!!

I said out loud…

“Maybe I should write about my crazy thoughts on this month’s student blog…and try to make it funny! And useful of course!”

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