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Things you didn’t think you’d do at uni

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As my second year of university life is wrapping up and I prepare to enter my final year of education before joining the big wide world, my thoughts have turned to the opportunities that I have been privileged enough to enjoy during my time as a Newcastle University student.

Here are just three of my highlights from this year that I never thought I’d be doing when I filled out that laborious UCAS form!

Starting something from scratch

It’s something that every university talks about when you’re looking round, but no student really thinks about the potential societies or businesses that they could set up; nonetheless it is a very real prospect.

This year I have joined my friend in trying to start an online publication designed to harness the information of academic texts and recast that information into more student orientated ways.

This project has meant finding funding, discussing various web designs, finding potential writers and generally doing things to help start our own business.

Getting jobs with the University

I have worked in many roles with the University to help earn a little extra money, all of which are available to all students at Newcastle University.

Yet my newest venture is working for the University as a summer intern for the accommodation service, in order to improve social media for incoming first years. This 10 week placement will allow me to enter the world of work properly before even leaving University with my degree in hand. This is another fantastic benefit of further education.


Those of you who have attended Open Days at Newcastle may have seen the loveable mascot Percy the Lion walking around and greeting visitors. What you don’t know however, is just how sweltering it is in that suit!

I do, because as a Newcastle University student I’ve dressed up several times in order to pose as the fun-loving feline as a favour to my boss.

That is certainly something I didn’t think I’d be doing when applying for Newcastle University. Yet it just shows you the veritable smorgasbord of unpredictability and opportunity that life at University can give you. Even after two years at Newcastle I haven’t looked back once!


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