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Things you never thought you’d need at uni

If you’re moving to uni in September I’m sure you’ve read plenty of articles about the ‘uni essentials’ you’ll need to pack. But have you stopped to think about the weird and wonderful items that you will seriously miss? This guide will help you arrive at your new home super prepared.

Extension lead

You might think it’s crazy to bring an extension lead to uni, as usually student rooms are full of plugs for all your electrical items. But wait until you realise that your charger wire won’t stretch to your bed. Or the wire for your lamp is so short you can’t reach the plug. Then you will understand the crucial importance of an extension lead. Ideally get yourself one with around four sockets and a good length of wire that way it will stretch to anywhere. Crisis adverted!

Laundry bag

dancers laundry

This one might be on your list already, but try to pick one you can easily transport to and from the washing machines. That way, once your washing is done you can just stuff everything back in and avoid the walk back to your room juggling freshly-washed clothes.

Super strong bin bags

No joke, this is a warning: cheap bin bags are no stronger than your average carrier bag. No matter how careful you and your flatmates are, there is no way to avoid the rubbish pile that you will be faced with. To save yourself the nightmare of cleaning up a split bin bag, invest in some heavy-duty, sturdy bin bags.

Air fresheners

It sounds strange I know, but believe me that after the first week of fresher’s you’ll see why this is an essential. The smell of five different meals being cooked means one of these will come in very handy. Opening the windows may also help.


Tupperwear is super handy for storing leftover’s from last night’s dinner or preparing lunches for uni. It’s an investment that will save you money, reduce food waste and keep things fresh. It also means you won’t end up using your limited crockery pile to store food in the fridge.

Flip flops or slippers

There’s nothing worse than having to tip toe around the flat to avoid standing in an icky mess. But sadly you just can’t avoid your sport-mad housemate dragging mud through the flat, or the would-be chef dropping an entire pan of rice on the floor. So take a handy pair of flip flops or slippers to keep your toes clean. Flip flops are also perfect for a shared shower.

Over-the-door hanger

Your room might come with some hooks on the door, but never underestimate the importance of maximizing space. An over-the-door hanger with a few extra hooks can keep coats and bags out of the way and help create a clutter-free room. If you’re lucky enough to have an ensuite, you could even use your hanger to keep your towels on.

Face paint

Strange – and not classed as a essential – but you have no idea how many other fresher’s will be roaming the city trying to locate face paint for a themed society night. You’ll be the flat hero if you come equipped with this stuff!

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