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3 concerns about starting uni

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1.Navigating a new city

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No matter where you choose to go to university, most students will be faced with the challenge of finding their way around a new place. I remember this being one of my biggest fears about university – I have a pretty poor sense of direction as it is, so combine this with a completely new city and nobody to show me around and it’s fair to say I was pretty scared.

But rest assured, it’s easier than you might think. The Newcastle University app has a campus map linked to your lecture timetable, so if you are unsure of where one of your buildings is, you can simply use the map to find your way there. Also, being thrown in at the deep end can actually be a good thing – it means you learn your way around much faster rather than relying on other people for guidance.

2. Making friends

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If you’re concerned about making friends, which is a common fear among prospective students, don’t be – there are so many opportunities to meet new people.

If you are living in halls, you usually have around 5/6 flat mates who are all in the same position as you, so a perfect chance to get to know people. Freshers’ Week allows you to mix with a wide range of fellow first year students, plus your course induction week gives you a chance to meet people studying the same degree as you. Also, joining sports teams and societies means you can meet people that share similar interests.

3. Missing home

By far, the thing that worried me the most about university was being homesick. Moving to a new place and living independently is such a huge change and you may be worried it will all be too much. I honestly thought the homesickness would be too overwhelming and that I’d drop out after a few weeks.

Everyone will experience different levels of homesickness, but if you think you’ll suffer more than most believe me when I say that you will be FINE. In this digital age, family and friends are only a FaceTime or train ride away. Plus, the many distractions that university provides help to keep you busy so you’ll adjust to your new situation in no time.

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