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An international student in Newcastle

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Leaving your home to study in a country in a different continent will probably be one of the toughest decisions in your student life. For some, leaving people you’ve known your whole life can be a depressing idea. But for positive thinkers, this is a beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Why be depressed when you can be positive? So I chose the second option. I was proved right by everything that was waiting for me in Newcastle and here’s why:


The environment around the university is ideal for studying. If you need to find a PC to finish up your essay or need some quiet time, you can find a place just around the corner. The Robinson library was my go to place when I needed to put that extra effort in to get something done or find all the text books needed for essential reading.

The lecturers and staff are always helpful if you are struggling with anything. The open door policy with the lecturers enables you to contact them directly and get help on subject materials that are not clear.  A polite email to your lecturer might clear up something that you were trying hard to understand.


The first week of my university life was one of the most memorable times in my life. That was due to some wonderful activities organised by the students’ union throughout freshers’ week.

The Students’ Union also has a large number of societies and clubs ranging from baking to skiing. Joining a society is a great way to make new friends because you get to meet like-minded people. It also offers great volunteering opportunities all around Newcastle. I had a chance to volunteer at a farm which was a new experience for me.


Living with strangers can be a scary feeling. But that is until they are strangers. The chances are you’ll end up living with like-minded people, which will make life at university great. The environment in halls is great for socialising. Whenever I needed a break from my studies I used to play some pool at the bar with my friends – now I’ve seriously developed my pool skills!!


Newcastle has never let me down when it comes to student life. If you are looking for some quality time out there are infinite things that you can do. As someone who likes to walk I used my free time during weekends to join my friends for walks in the country side. There are many places around Newcastle that are great for nice walk. Although I am not a night person myself, I have enjoyed the times I have been out with my friends. It is always nice to head down to a pub and awaken that social person with in you.

I always look back at my first year in Newcastle and wish I could have that time again. But only for a moment because I know that my time ahead is going to be equally amazing.

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