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Budget Travel Tips

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When I came to the UK, I came with dreams of seeing as many places I could – I’m a traveller at heart after all. But as an international student, when we start converting the Pound to our own currency – it sends out *WARNING* signs in our heads. True ain’t it?

So planning a budget trip is really important! And thankfully for me, there are cheap ways to travel :


Remember this fellow:


I know long bus rides don’t seem very comfortable, but if when you want to save money, not being able to stretch your legs is a small sacrifice isn’t it? If I can go to Paris from Newcastle for £25 – I am willing to do that. It would be an experience – right? And trust me, if you are a budget traveler, the bus is soon going to become your friend.

Overnight Journeys

Buying tickets for overnight journeys will save on spending on accommodation for the night!


I’m a student – I wanna do the hostel experience! Sleeping in bunk beds? OMG so much fun! The first time I stayed in one was in YHA York – and it was neat and clean – nothing scary as I thought it would be! (*Disclaimer – Can’t guarantee this for all hostels – but the reviews for each help!). certainly helped me and my friends narrow down places to stay at for our upcoming trip! Only hope it turns out amazing!

Budget Airlines

I’m kidding!

Now if you want 1st class British Airways and Emirates – what’s the point of reading a blog which talks of budget travelling? When we plan a trip – look at the popular but ‘pocket friendly’ airlines! – EasyJet, RyanAir, Vueling and the likes!

Pack light!

‘Cause you’ll probably have to walk a lot – and the more you carry more your gonna get stuck. But the only thing we can be sure of at the end of the day is: travel with the right friends and make sure to have fun! Be Safe – but have fun!

Now you may wish me luck for my first ever Euro trip! 😀

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