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Tips for Choosing Accommodation

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Deciding which accommodation to choose at university is a daunting task, but thinking about these three things should help you to narrow it down.

Catered or Self-Catered

A big choice to make is whether to be self-catered and cook your own meals; or to be catered and have some of your meals provided. Catered means you don’t have to cook during the week and you get to eat with lots of people in the dining hall which is a really social environment – at Newcastle the only catered accommodation is Castle Leazes. Self-catered on the other hand gives you more freedom to choose when and what you eat.

(wait for it…)


En-Suite or Shared Bathroom

The thought of sharing a bathroom might be unthinkable for some of you looking to go to University, it was for me. However it was actually fine to share, and in fact made the flat more sociable. Of course it is great to have your own bathroom, but be prepared to pay a little bit more for one. If you decide against an en-suite, all of the rooms at Newcastle – come with their own wash-basin!


On-Campus or Off-Campus

If you like the idea of rolling out of bed straight into your lecture an on-campus accommodation like Marris House & Windsor Terrace are going to be good for you.


If you don’t mind travelling in and want to live in a different area of the city, choose an off-campus accommodation such as St Mary’s – off-campus also tends to be a bit cheaper. My Advice –  If you don’t end up in the accommodation you choose don’t panic. Great people are what make your first year at university and you will meet them wherever you are.


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