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Tips to Save & Earn Money Before Uni

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University can be expensive at times. One of the best ways to prepare for University life is saving or earning some money before you get there. Here are some useful tips and things that I did in the lead up to Uni that helped me have a little extra cash whilst studying.


The most obvious way to get some extra money before university is to get a job. Working in the summer before your first year at university might seem awful, but it will definitely be worth it. I worked in a cinema. Jobs like these can get you quite a bit of extra cash, even if you work Part-Time. There are other things you can do too, such as babysitting or one off jobs locally.

Having a clear out

Still so many shirts...another clear out needed?

Still so many shirts…another clear out needed?

When you move away to Uni, it’s a great time to have a clear out. And you can earn some extra cash by doing this. Selling your old clothes on sites like Depop or Facebook can earn you some extra money.  I cleared out my wardrobe and made quite a bit of money, which got me through fresher’s week.


Did you get amazing grades? It might be a good idea to sign up to a remote tutoring service to earn some money in the summer leading up to University.

A savings account

I’d say this is a must. If you want to save a bit of money on the side before Uni then I’d recommend setting up a separate account. Even putting in the smallest amount in summer will come in handy when you’re studying.

And remember that once you get here there are plenty more opportunities to earn money through schemes such as Jobs On Campus , Newcstle Work Experience and other other part time roles.

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