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To Newcastle, with love

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Three months ago, I was still in India finishing my last minute shopping and having sleepless nights wondering if I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and move to a completely alien country. But as Coldplay would say, “If you never try, you’ll never know” and in the end it was a good idea after all!

One of the main reasons that I chose to apply and eventually attend Newcastle University was because it’s situated in one of the most student-friendly cities in the UK. And once you’re here, you immediately understand why. My University boasts extremely friendly staff in all departments whether that’s at my School (the School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics), the Careers Service, Students’ Union etc. The overall vibe of the city is positive even for someone who is perhaps not at all familiar with the culture and heritage of the place.

Whether you’d like to watch a play or a movie, attend a book reading, go ice-skating or grab a milkshake with your friends, the city is constantly bustling with events and there’s something for everyone.

Because Newcastle is a small city, it isn’t unusual if the lady behind the counter at Barras Bridge post office remembers that you send letters to your friends in India every other week. Or when you walk into a cafe, the waitress recalls your last visit and can almost anticipate what you are going to order.

And before you know it, your first semester is already over. In my last lecture this semester, a classmate complimented me on being so adaptable. But the truth is, you can’t be at Newcastle and not feel at home – the city is honestly so friendly and welcoming. Yes, the rain can be utterly unpredictable and the sun certainly isn’t your best friend but even on days when it has been snowing for hours, there are people on the streets, sipping on a cup of coffee and walking their dogs.

Life never stops at Newcastle and even when I have to move away from this beautiful city when my course comes to an end, I know I’ll have very fond memories.

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