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Top 3 Reasons to Study Modern Languages

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After graduating in July with an degree in Modern Languages, I have plenty of amazing memories and new skills from my four years as a Newcastle undergraduate. Everybody thinks their course is the best, but why not have a read of my top three reasons to study Modern Languages and decide for yourself?

1. Languages

This one’s obvious, but it was definitely a selling point for me. There are a wide range of languages taught at Newcastle and if there’s a language you haven’t had the chance to study before, you can start it at beginner level. I already did French and German, but I’d always wanted to learn Dutch and I was able to start in second year.

2. Year Abroad

For my Year Abroad, I spent nine months as a language assistant in France and I still wish I could go back and do it all over again. It was such a tough life spending every weekend in Paris, eating all the delicious food and travelling all over the country, but I’m glad I got through it. Seriously though, I do recommend it to everyone even just for the benefit to your language skills. And what’s not to love about getting away from rainy England for a year?!


The town where I lived!

3. Cultural Modules

Everyone thinks that learning languages is all about reading the dictionary and learning verbs, but this is really not true! What I love about my degree is that I have studied modules that have given me cultural skills and knowledge whilst also exposing me to the language. For example, you can study history, art, literature, linguistics, film (and much more!) in the languages that you’re interested in. You can take subjects that you would never have otherwise tried and it will maybe lead somewhere new. I’d never done linguistics before, but now I’m doing a Masters in it!

If you’d like to find out more about studying Modern Languages at Newcastle university, check out the School of Modern Languages Facebook page.

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