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Top 4 Study Spaces in Robinson Library

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Now that it’s the peak revision period at uni, I’m pretty sure the entire student population of Newcastle has found its way to one of the libraries. The biggest of them is the Philip Robinson and as an insider, I’m here to give you four of the best places to go if you want to study at the Robbo.

1. YourSpace

I’m not going to lie, I think this is probably my favourite spot to do some work. Mainly because I can get together with some friends, grab a table and get productive. In fact, YourSpace is so good, there are two of them in the Robbo – one on the 2nd floor (the floor you walk in on. I know, it’s confusing) and the 1st floor, downstairs.

"Saturday morning 7:30 and the Robinson library almost looks creepy" – a great picture from @resanette147!

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2. Computer Clusters

Most of the time, I personally use the computers in the Robbo when it comes to essay hand-ins so that I can TurnItIn and print everything out and make sure it’s all good (mind, you could even do it from your phone or laptop if you really wanted to). But, even when I don’t have an essay due, the computer clusters are still are really awesome spaces to really get some work done.

3. Silent Areas

Especially during exam periods, it’s like the whole library gets transformed into a giant study area – the 3rd and 4th floors are great for this as they are split up into little booths where you can sit in your own little world and do the revision that you need to get done. There’s quite a considerable amount of space in each booth for all your notes and a plug socket in each for when your laptop needs charging, which is very handy. I find these little spaces really good for when you just need some quiet time but know you’re not gonna get any work done at home because that’s where your bed lives.

4. Café

Now, I think this gets an honorary mention just because it’s the home of the food at the Robbo and we all know food is good. Whether you just want to have a break from studying, buy yourself a nice hot cup of tea and a muffin or if you want to bust out your laptop and get a bit more work done, the café is such a chill place to do it.

And there we have it, four of my favourite places to revise in the Robinson Library.

Good luck for your exams!

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