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Top 5 Festive Student Jobs

Christmas on a budget may not seem like the most exciting prospect, but there are ways to get around feeling frugal over the festive period. That’s why we’ve had a search for the top 5 student jobs in the run up to the holidays…


If you can’t spend money on the high street, you might as well make some from the madness. Loads of shops advertise for Christmas temps for over December and January to help out with the increase in customers. And if you’re lucky, they might even keep you on for the rest of the year.


As grottos pop up all over town, Santa will be needing some extra helpers. A quick google search and there’s bound to be a choice of jobs nearby.


Not all opportunities this Christmas have to be paid. If you’re looking to help the less fortunate, why not have a look what you can do in the local area.
In Newcastle, The People’s Kitchen provides hundreds of meals each night for the homeless community of the city, and they’re always looking for volunteers. There are also loads of charities that could benefit from your fundraising efforts.


It’s Christmas party season, and with loads of Christmas parties comes the need for loads of new staff for bar work and service. If you know a particular restaurant or venue which hosts a lot of work dos, then they’ll be a great place to start if you’re looking for some temp work.


If you’re not planning on heading home for the holidays, the benefit of living in a city is that there’s a whole host of part-time jobs available, and our Careers Service is here to help. With a dedicated search engine for student job opportunities, finding some work couldn’t be easier.

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