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A levels for Mechanical Engineering

If you’re considering studying Mechanical Engineering at Newcastle University, then this post was made for you!

Mechanical engineering involves the design and manufacture of the majority of products around us, taking into account a number of factors to create products that are cheaper, smarter, and more environmentally friendly.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Then take note. There are specific entry requirements for this course, and some A-levels will be preferred over others – something to consider when picking your choices!


Mathematics A-level is an essential pick if Mechanical Engineering is your calling, and an A or B at that too!  Once you’re here, maths is used in almost every module, so you can see why unis want you to have it.


Maybe a bit obvious, but adding even more to your maths knowledge is only going to be of benefit once term is well underway and content gets a bit more intense. The more you know in advance, the easier you’ll find the transition.


Many would say Physics is the basis of the Mechanical Engineering degree, and as the application of maths to the real-world, you can see why. Content you learn during A-levels, such as electronics and mechanics, translates directly to Mechanical Engineering as a degree, with the majority of modules incorporating stuff you’d have previously been taught.


As you’ll be having lots of interaction with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) at uni, knowledge of the software before you get here would be a huge help in design modules. It’s also beneficial for projects where creative thinking is required.


Although maybe not considered as essential as other sciences like Physics, you’ll find that many Mechanical Engineering students studied Chemistry at A-level. The module Materials within the course studies the behaviour of metals, so even basic Chemistry knowledge will help things run smoother.

It’s also worth noting that at Newcastle University, applicants must have studied Mathematics, and at least one of these others: Physics, Chemistry and Further Mathematics. Think ahead future Mechanical Engineers!

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