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Top 5 Reasons to go to Uni

Still not sure if you should go to uni or not? There are loads of reasons why you should, not that we’re biased or anything, so we thought we’d pull together the best in to a top five reasons why you should go to uni.

1. Graduate salaries

Not wanting to be too crass about things, we’re British after all, but graduates make more money than non-graduates.

According to a recent report by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, on average in a lifetime, male graduates make approximately £168,000 more and female graduates approximately £252,000 more than those without a degree.

That’s a lot of cheddar, even when considering the increase in tuition fees.

2. Student life

Yes you’re at university to learn and expand your mind, but not all learning happens in lecture theaters. Going to uni is a chance to meet new people, learn to be independent and see what life is like in a different city.

It’s not all fun and games but a good work- life balance is important and there will be plenty of opportunities to head to the society quiz or watch a band at the SU.

Don’t forget you get 3 breaks during the year, one for Christmas another between March and April and a long break after exams in the summer. That gives you plenty of time to fit in all the activities you want to do, whether its volunteering, travelling or gaining work experience.

Check out our student blogs to see more of what student life in Newcastle is like.

3. Getting a degree in a subject you love

Unlike GCSEs where you had to focus on 9 courses or A-Levels where you had to pick and choose based on time table clashes. University is your chance to specialise in a subject you love and immerse yourself in it for at least 3 whole years.

It may be hard at times and difficult to adjust at first but you’ll get opportunities to expand your knowledge in ways you never thought possible with some of the leading minds in that field.

And all this while working towards a qualification which will give you extra in your bank each year (remember point 1?)

4. Meeting weird and wonderful people

This one speaks for its self. Going to university means you’ll meet loads of new people, students, lecturers and locals – all from different places, all with a story to tell.

There are over 170 societies to join at Newcastle ranging from sports teams to baking or free running. There is something for everyone and this is your opportunity to meet new people who may have similar interests or different interests to you.

University life puts you in the position to learn new things from these people and network with those outside your normal circles. And if you’re a fan of people watching, you can’t get better than the uni library at 3am on a Sunday morning, that’s worth your tuition fee alone.

5. The chance to complete a placement or study abroad

Going to university can give you a different view on the world as you get the opportunity to try things you may not have done otherwise, like a placement year.

Choosing to do a degree at Newcastle University provides you with the option to try out a career path you are interested in and put your degree into action while you study. Not only does this mean you’ll get valuable work experience but you’ll also earn money too!

If the world of work isn’t for you there is the option to do a year abroad instead. The ERASMUS exchange programme enables you to study or work in Europe or you could study with one of the University’s partners outside Europe if you fancy heading further afield.

The best news is the University offers scholarships and grants to help cover the cost of getting out there and have staff to help with finding accommodation or visa applications. To find out more about the support and opportunities available at Newcaslte University, check out our Study Abroad site.

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