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Top 6 Revision Playlists

Exam season is here and to keep you motivated we’ve pulled together a mix of revision playlists to get you through those long sessions at the library, we’ve even included some of the playlists created by the lovely staff in the Robbo.

1. Libraries gave us (revision) power

by ncroblib

Getting started can often be the hardest bit, so here’s a playlist that will give you the power to block out the distractions and concentrate.

2. Revision

by nclroblib

This playlist is filled with world famous classical masterpieces that will inspire and motivate you to keep going!

3. Revision 2

by nclroblib

Looking for something a little softer to help calm you down and de-stress. This is the perfect playlist for you…

4. Late Night Focus

by Spotify

Long night at the Robbo? Here’s a playlist that’ll keep you awake and alert.

5. The Ultimate Revision Playlist

by BBC

Half the battle of exam pressure is having self-confidence! So here’s a playlist that’ll take your mind off matters and get you in the right frame of mind for that exam.

6. Pump up the Revision

by nclroblib

Pump up the Revision is a playlist that’ll psych you up for a revision session and give you some motivation to power on through.

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