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Top 5 Self-Care Tips to Combat Stress

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The January assessment period is well upon us, and in these stressful weeks it’s easy for your wellbeing to slip as you focus on working. Self-care is important to keep you healthy and happy, and could even give you better grades.

Here are some top tips to keep your mind, body and soul happy!

1. Don’t cram everything into one day

untitled-design-5Sometimes getting started on an essay plan or a revision timetable is the hardest part. Create short ‘to do’ lists, and start by ticking off some of the easiest tasks. By spreading out the work, you won’t suffer the last minute all-nighter, and you’ll feel more accomplished with each task you complete. Win-win!

2. Take a break (KitKat optional)

untitled-design-1It’s easy to feel like doing work in one long stretch is best, but it could actually be harmful. Taking a break allows your brain to refresh its attention span and lower stress, as it gives you time to relax and recharge.

Personally, I use the ‘Pomodoro technique’ when I study, giving me a 5 minute break every 25 minutes. Try out different methods to see what suits you. Chill out, and take a step away from the computer or notebook. Grab a snack, take a walk, have a power nap – the break is yours to make!

3. Seek support from friends

untitled-design-2Don’t isolate yourself, claiming you need to be alone all week to get work done. A few hours off to see friends won’t set you back if you’re sticking to your schedule and working hard. Sharing your progress with friends can be motivational too – or you could ban all mention of exams for an evening if you prefer. Having a laugh with your mates will make you feel much better, trust me.

4. Get creative

untitled-design-3Writing notes or finding sources can be extremely dull so do take the time to do something creative. Whether that be doodling, using an adult colouring book, journalling or even creating a playlist of your favourite songs, let your creative juices fly! You’ll get the chance to chill, create something cool and take your mind off working for a while.

5. Do something else – yes, really

untitled-design-4Sometimes the best way to get work done is to… not do it. It’s easy to let washing or mess pile up when you’re in the zone, and it really can bring you down without realising it. Take some time to tidy your desk or wash some dishes. It might seem silly that doing other tasks will help your work, but the mental break and a clear work space can really help your brain refocus afterwards.

Check out other posts for revision tips, and use these over the exam period to stay on track with revision and your mental health!


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