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Top 5 Stages in the Application Process

Not all courses make a decision on your UCAS application alone. A lot of degrees require other stages before they make you an offer. Here are just 5 of the other stages some courses may require you to pass before you’re well on the way to uni…


These aren’t just common for professional training degrees like Dentistry and Medicine, you’d be surprised at what other courses invite candidates for an interview.

At Newcastle University, Fine Art and Computer Science among others have a one-to-one interview to discuss your work and interests as part of their application process.


But an interview is only part of the extra stages in the application process if you want to study Medicine or Density. You’ll only be asked to interview if you’ve got a satisfactory UKCAT score. The test helps Universities choose candidates with the right attitude, abilities and behaviour required to become a doctor or dentist and have a successful career. The test itself includes verbal, quantitative and abstract reasoning, as well as decision analysis and situational judgement.


If you’re interested in studying Business Accounting and Finance, Newcastle University offers a unique combination of study, paid work placements and accelerated progress towards your Associate Chartered Accountant qualification in collaboration with PwC and ICAEW.

As there are limited places and the degree is popular, the application process involves the standard UCAS application, an additional form, and an interview and group assessment.


Particularly for creative courses, you’re likely to be required to submit a portfolio of your work to support your application.

For example, Fine Art asks for portfolios including coursework and self-initiated work, which is then discussed at interview if you’re invited along. Architecture applicants must also submit a portfolio, but this time with relevant drawings and creative pieces.


And of course, you’ve got to actually get the grades of your offer before you’re in! But not to worry, if you apply for a degree through UCAS and are unsuccessful, Clearing gives you a second chance at a place.


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