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Top 5 Things to Take into Exams

Exams are just around the corner, but apart from a head full of knowledge, what else should you be taking into the exam room?


Maybe an obvious point to make, but you’d be surprised what may slip your mind the morning of an exam. Stock up and take a couple just in case lucks not on your side and the ink runs dry mid-exam! It’s also worth bringing along other staple stationery (ruler, pencil, rubber etc) in a clear case – you never know what you might want once you’re there!


Although there’ll be clocks in the exam room, wearing a watch will ensure you keep on track and avoid any last minute panic. There’s nothing worse than the 5 minute warning when you’ve not even made your way through the whole paper!


Feeling thirsty? That kind of distraction is never welcome when you’re trying your best to concentrate. Bring along a clear water bottle (no wrappers allowed) and that’s that problem solved – although there’d be a whole other problem if you drink too much!


For exams such as Maths and Physics, where a calculator is required you don’t want to be without. Unless you’re a self-confessed genius, it’s probably best to bring one along for all those equations!


It will depend on your school’s rules, but being able to take in some sweets or mints could be the answer to your cravings mid-exam. Others find it helps with their concentration!

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