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Top 5 Ways to Deal with Revision Stress

Feeling stressed with the ever-approaching exam season and all the revision associated? Running out of time and sensing brain strain? It’s completely normal to feel that way, but there are ways of coping with such exam stress…


Comparing your revision to date with friends is destined to set you up for worry and panic. “I’ve only read over my notes 27 times” isn’t going to help anyone.  Everyone revises at a different pace and with different techniques – if it works for you then you don’t need to think about how everyone else is doing.


You’ll hear it all the time but eating well and getting regular exercise will de-stress your mind and leave you feeling a lot more productive. We’re not talking a juice-diet combined with 3 hour gym sessions, just little bits here and there – you’ll feel a lot more energetic!

TOP TIP: There’s always time for breakfast! Revising without it is like setting off on a long car journey without filling up the tank!


Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, teens need on average 8-10 hours sleep EACH NIGHT to function best. So next time you’re on a Netflix binge at 3am, think about what you’d be much better doing!


To get those much needed hours of sleep, make sure your bed is for resting not working. Being able to wind down is a crucial element of dealing with the pressure of revision and exams. If you’re not revising, there’s not much point spending your time off thinking and worrying about it!

Similarly, if you’re taking a break and catching up with friends – revision is a topic to be avoided!


Being organised and knowing what you’ve got to cover will save unexpected panic when that topic you HATE pops up 2 days before the exam! Have a go at revision timetabling – sorting what you need to cover into the time you’ve got.

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