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Top 5 Ways to Focus

Revision and exam season can be pretty intense, and many of us find it hard to keep focus. So what can you do to stop your mind drifting?


Hard work definitely pays off, and thinking about what’s to come on the other side of the hours put in could really help you get your head down. If you’re heading to uni this September, there’s loads of things to look forward to.

And if that isn’t enough to fuel productivity, why not add some fun into your last summer before the adventure begins? Travelling, festivals, and even nights in with your friends; once you’ve revised and exams are out the way, how good will that feel?!


Plan ahead and you’ll thank yourself later! Knowing early on everything you’ve got to do will not only mean nothing will crop up unexpected last minute, but you’ll also only be focusing on one thing at once. Having less things to think about means more time to get on and do work!


There’s nothing worse than finally getting in the groove of things and experiencing a mammoth stomach rumble – no one can put that aside! If you get everything you could possibly need laid out in front of you before you begin, interruptions will be kept to a minimum – especially when you’ve got snacks there to fuel your brain!


As much as we pretend we’re in control; phones, tablets and all the other electronic goodies we use on a daily basis can’t help but weave their way into our revision sessions. Remove the device from the equation and you’ve instantly reduced the likelihood of it making an appearance.

Make sure you’re working in the right environment too. If your brother refuses to turn down the TV, maybe the lounge isn’t the best place for you. And if your house is a complete no-go zone for revision, why not try out your local library?


Not all of us are super-human and can revise none-stop. Factor in the odd break throughout your day to ensure you don’t burn out. A spot of exercise could really boost your brain power, and even a chat with friends could take your mind of things for an hour or two!

If you’ve got any questions or would like to find out more about studying at Newcastle Uni, just use the enquiry form below.

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