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Top 5 Ways to Spend your University Holidays

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As a student at University, you suddenly find yourself with copius amounts of holiday which take up nearly four months of your year and somehow they seem to pass as quickly as the ones at school did! These holidays could be used as a chance to catch up on Netflix and sleep, or they could be used as a time to take part in productive or exciting adventures.  Here are some tips for how to spend those holidays in an exciting and more productive way:


Never again will you have this much spare time to go and see the world. You may have already heard of the traditional student adventures such as interailing, but there are more travel opportunities offered by university societies. However, if limited by finances, and let’s face it, quite a few of students are, don’t worry; there are still plenty more affordable opportunities available. There is the potential to work abroad or volunteer abroad to get experience whilst seeing the world.

Work / Internships

As I mentioned earlier, as students we can all struggle with our finances. Summer provides the opportunity to gain experience either as an intern or through employment. Aside from finances, these opportunities for all important work experience look good on your CV too!

Revise/ Get ahead on University work

This one is particularly prevalent during the Easter holidays as unfortunately some of us have exams when we return. Whilst it bores us at the time- this work could prevent us from excessive time spent in Robinson Library overnight and will mean a lot less stress in the final term.

Be creative!

All those drawings you want to draw, all the stories & scripts you want to write, and all the films you want to make – now’s the time.  University offers us time to be creative and partake in all of these activities. Later on in life when we unfortunately have to face the daily grind of a real job (the horror!), time will be limited so if you are creative, now is the time to put all that creativity to good use.

Watch too many films, read too many books and spend time with all your friends from home

I know I joked about Netflix in the first paragraph of this blog, and whilst I stand by my claim that not all of the holiday should be spent watching TV, it is important to relax so you can come back to University fresh faced, calm and ready to get back into the swing of things easily.

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