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Top Five Tips and Tricks for Revision

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Revision is probably one of the more challenging aspects of studying, whether you’re doing GCSEs, A levels or your degree.  The first stage of actually learning the information can be pretty interesting at times. You are taught something new, unfamiliar and unique. However, as time passes, the piece of information you’ve received seems less and less enchanting and in fact as exams approach it can become rather daunting. Not only do you have to learn this piece of information, you now have to retain it, along with a million other pieces of information. On top of this, you will also have to bring out all these pieces of information in an exam. Fantastic.

Now, while revision can be a bit of a downer, as I am coming to the end of my second year, I feel like I know my method for revision as well as I probably ever will, so in the light of approaching exams, I thought I’d share my tips and tricks.


Let’s be honest with revision around the corner now is the perfect time to splurge a little bit on stationery. I’m not saying go wild, we are all living on our students loans, but maybe put a little aside so you know that when you start revision your bright shiny new pens will make it all the more easier to be motivated.


This is linked to my first tip. Draw diagrams, use sticky notes and remember that highlighters are your new best friend. They help you spot the key information and help you remember the information as well. This tip does come with a warning. It does not help you to highlight an entire page and any diagrams or tables are meant to be rough – you’re not trying to be Picasso here.

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A break every now and again will refresh your mind and give you a chance to take a breather. Be wary. I often find myself planning a fifteen minute break from revision and an hour later I’m either chatting to a friend or watching my 100th cute animal video on YouTube. Try to stick to the break, but I guess rules were meant to be broken.


Figure out where you revise best. Personally, I like the library. I feel pressured to spend less time on Facebook when everyone around me is working. This decision can be quite personal, so trial and error is probably the best way.

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Once you have a way of revising or  a place you revise, revision can become pretty routine. But, its nice now and again to mix it up. Either change the place you are revising or change who you are revising with. All of these things will give you a fresh flow of inspiration and motivation for studying.

I hope this helps. If you like this blog post, make sure to share it and maybe add your own tip or trick!

For even more tips, try Naomi’s guide to revision breaks or Katie’s top tips to destress.

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