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It’s the biggest decision of your life so far-Which university shall I go to? I remember it like it was yesterday. I scrambled through all the shiny cover prospectuses and tried desperately to figure out which would make the cut for the dreaded UCAS list. It was at times rather overwhelming, but never fear I have come up with a handy list of things to consider to help you figure out which Universities make your top five:

Newcastle University Campus

Newcastle University Campus

Go to a university that offers a course which looks interesting and that you want to do. As much as extra-curricular, nights out and freedom are a great part of University. The majority of your time is spent getting your degree, so make sure you are going to enjoy what you do.

Universities are normally split into categories- those on campus where everything is provided and those which are integrated into the city. One of the main draws to Newcastle for me was the fact it was a campus right next to a city, it gave me the best of both worlds, but I had plenty of friends who preferred a campus and others who preferred the city. Look around the universities and decide which one is right for you, it makes narrowing down to your top five much easier!

Do you want somewhere where there is always something to do or do you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere? Are you really into sport, so do you want to go to a uni where sport is big on the agenda? All of these are good questions to ask yourself to help figure out that top five and the kind of atmosphere you want to live in for three to four years.

How far do you want to be away from home? Close? Far? Somewhere in between? The reality is with transport links now a-days nowhere is ever that far away, but it can be a bit daunting to move half way across the country especially when it is your first time away from home. It’s a completely personal decision and you will enjoy university life either way.

You will have a vaguely good idea of where you are at in terms of grades by this point. The general consensus is apply to one which is above your predicted grades in case you overachieve and keep one below as a back-up. It sounds like something a teacher would say, but trust me-it is actually good advice.

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