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Top reasons Newcastle is the city for you

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Ask anyone who has spent any amount of time in Newcastle about their experience here and you’ll hear nothing but praise. Here are some highlights of the city if (in an unlikely situation) you need more convincing.

Cozy and Convenient

Haymarket metro sign

My two favourite cs (after chocolates of course). The scale of the city could not be any more perfect – everything you’ll ever need is within proximity. With a reliable Metro service too, it only gets better. The best part is that our campus is situated right in the city centre – talk about convenience!

Cost Efficient

‘Budget’ describes every students’ lifestyle and it’s especially hard if you’re trying to maintain a social life while keeping a desirable bank balance. But, one of the many perks of a northern city is the wallet-friendly cost of living, which also means that being a student doesn’t equate to being broke all the time.

Happiest city in the UK

Grey Street

One important lesson that the new-age lifestyles have taught us is that your surroundings can affect your state of mind. So why settle for anything less when you can be surrounded by positivity?

Smiles everywhere41953

When it comes to friendliness, dare I say, the city embodies every inch of the word. The patience and affection you’ll receive from locals can be compared to no other. Be it at a store or even walking through the streets, northerners know how to make anyone’s day with a simple smile and the most affable pet names.

Beauty surrounds us

NewcastleGateshead Quayside at night

NewcastleGateshead Quayside at night

Do a quick online search for Newcastle and the image that will inevitably pop-up is of the Quayside, with our iconic Tyne and Millennium bridges. Luckily for us, it only gets better. The city is studded with architecture and culture. And it doesn’t stop there – a quick journey on the Metro can take you to the seaside that boasts serene views.


Longsands Beach at Tynemouth – just 20 minutes from the campus on the metro

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