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Top Ten Tips to survive the long-distance relationship!

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Hello! I would like to share some tips in terms of how to survive through a long-distance relationship 🙂



Be committed. You have to be sure and ready you want to do this, otherwise it’s not going to work. Remember, you are committed to another person living somewhere else and won’t be able to see them every month! So give it a thought 🙂


Stay in contact. Even if it’s your best friend or partner, communication is crucial part. Grab a phone and make a call or just simply, text 🙂


Homesickness. Yes, we have all been there. Moving away from home and leaving all beloved people is sometimes hard, so the most simple thing to do is taking your mind out of it. Meet with your local friends, go for a walk, or just go to the library and work! Do something you enjoy. Time flies when you make yourself busy!


Tiredness. Yes, especially if you have stayed up late talking on the phone with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Sleep it off, but remember, if it starts to be regular and it’s affecting your work it might be better to put your phone down and have that good night’s sleep instead. 😉


Time difference. You might come from the other side of the world and obviously the time zone will be different. That is just how it goes sometimes and that’s what weekends are for! Catching up and staying up late 🙂


Have a dinner with that special someone. Yes, you can do that. All you need is food, computer and Skype, and you’re good to go!


Visit whenever it’s possible. Long-distance relationships overseas bring other kinds of challenges, like how to afford the plane ticket. It is true, overseas-students see their families far less often, some only once or twice a year. Make those rare visits worth it and break up the months apart with Skype.


Celebrate the boring. You made it to the lecture the next morning even though you stayed up all night talking. Well done!! And also, mention things that you wouldn’t mention if you were physically together. Tell him/her what sort of food you bought or what are your plans for the day. Keep sharing no matter how insignificant it may seem!


Trust. You have to trust each other in every relationship, but especially in this one. It is so much easier not to talk about some things when you’re not actually seeing the other person. You might end up being jealous at some points but it’s all normal and simply a sign that you care.


Remember long-distance relationships at uni won’t last forever. I mean, when you graduate all the waiting will be over and you’ll have the rest of your lives to spend together. And the relationships that last through uni will probably last through anything!

– Mira

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