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Top Tips for Assignment Success

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Writing challenging assignments and meeting deadlines can be really daunting. Staring at a blank page can make you feel defeatist, as I am sure many students can appreciate. It can feel like a never-ending task, so here are my tips to tackling assignments in a sensible and healthy way in order to get the results you want and deserve!

Firstly I think it is really important to have an idea about what is expected from all your assignments as early as possible, by this I mean the word count you are aiming for and the deadline – this can be helpful for you to plan if you have any important events in your social calendar as you definitely don’t want to be RSVP-ing with a last minute no!

I normally work with a two to three week rule for assignments, although I know that I can expect that to change with my dissertation on the horizon!!! I find this an ample time window to work without getting too stressed. Within these few weeks however, things can get on top of you, but only if you let them! Here are my 5 best tips to keeping sane:

1. Hydrate

Whether it be tea, coffee or gallons of water I can’t emphasis enough what an effect this has on keeping you focused – and being from Yorkshire, it is my strong opinion that there is NOTHING a good cup of tea can’t solve

2. Exercise

As unappealing as this might seem when you have a mountain of books staring you out, it’s true what they say about it releasing endorphins and exercise making you HAPPY! I always bring a more positive attitude back to my desk with me after a good workout (Newcastle insider tip: a great place to run is down by the Quayside)

Nothing clears your head like an evening Quayside run!

Nothing clears your head like an evening Quayside run!




















3. Take regular breaks

Sitting for hours and dragging yourself through chapters in books doesn’t help productivity; make sure to switch off every now and again. Exercise can, again, help with this but I always find that a conversation with my flatmate can bring me back to normality

4. Treat yourself

By this I mean that you need to reward your hard work, if you’ve been busy working all day DON’T feel guilty about taking the evening off to explore what Newcastle has to offer.

5. Find your happy place

For me working somewhere with natural light is super important and motivates me to make progress. Everyone’s optimal working space is different but once you find it hopefully you will find motivation here too!

Finding your optimal work space can inspire progress!

Good luck and happy working!


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