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TSR – Medicine and dentistry special

September – the start of a new academic year and the time people begin to focus on UCAS applications. With the deadline for medicine and dentistry fast approaching, it’s no surprise that our Student Room board has been filled with queries about applications to our Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Here are some of the most common queries we’ve received, over the past four weeks.


Is it possible to know the 2015 UKCAT threshold for the 5-year medicine course

The first thing to note about our UKCAT threshold is that it can change each year as it’s based on all the scores achieved by applicants. Therefore information on the threshold is not available to prospective students.

We can however tell you what the UKCAT threshold was for 2015 entry. The general UKCAT cut off score was 2300 for the A100 programme (5 years) and 2910 for the A101 programme (4 years, graduate entry).

For more information have a look at the School of Medical Education web page.

Is it possible to know the ukcat threshold for the 5 year dental surgery course?
The same thing applies to Dentistry scores. But if you’re interested in applying for Dentistry, the average UKCAT threshold for 2015 was 595 in each area.

Deferred Entry/Gap Year

If i apply with a deferred entry this year, how will it affect my chances of getting an interview/place?

For those of you thinking of taking a gap year, the Medical School does consider applications for deferred entry.

However, you will need to explain why you want to defer and what you’ll be doing in your year out. They’ll only accept a deferral if they decide that you will “use your time constructively,” and only if you ask in advance.

Our Medical School won’t usually grant a deferral after an offer has been made. So how it affects your chance of a place really depends on what your gap year plans are.

I want to study biochemistry. I am on my gap year at the moment and will be applying this year. I was wondering if you look for any sort of work experience for the course

For other courses, relating your gap year to the course is not essential. However, it will certainly strengthen your application if you do.

It might be through work experience, or it could be through things like developing responsibility and maturity through travel or living independently.

Biomedical Transfer route

I was wondering if A-level grades play a part in the selection process or affect your application for this transfer?

Biomedical students who have completed their first year with us, have the opportunity to apply to our MBBS degree programme through our internal transfer route.

What are the academic requirements?

While A-Levels are not taken into consideration, students must have a minimum average mark of 75% across Stage 1 Semester modules and no less than 65% for any one module. You must also sit the UKCAT.

How competitive is this route?

It is extremely competitive. This year there were approximately 100 applications for the biomedical transfer route and only 7 places available.

As with the traditional application process, the UKCAT threshold is dependent on the scores achieved by the students who apply to the Biomedical Transfer route.

The UKCAT Threshold for 2015 entry was 2780.

There’s more information about internal transfers to medicine on our website.


What are the chances of being given an offer when predicted BBB, when resits are being completed?

I was wondering if Newcastle University accepts students resitting some of their A2 modules? if so, would their application be at any disadvantage because of this?

Resitting one of your exams or getting it remarked?

Don’t worry! While predicted grades play a part in the offer making process, we will look at your full application before making a final decision, so it’s certainly worth applying. This applies to all our courses, even Biomedical Sciences.

If you do apply knowing you’ll be resitting an exam, remember to make it clear in the qualification section of your application which A-level subjects you are resitting or getting remarked.

Open Days

Will there by anymore Open Days Scheduled?

Missed one of our Open Days this year? Don’t worry! Our next Open Days will be in July 2016.

If you can’t wait till then, here are other ways to see our campus:

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